Project CLEAR

APGD believes that risk reduction is vital to stopping the spread of HIV/AIDS. CLEAR  is a grant funded program that is a client-centered approach to risk reduction intervention.

Through anywhere from 5-26 sessions tailored to client needs our CLEAR counselor Carlene works with them using a rigorous methodology aimed at goal setting, stress reduction, communication improvement and risk prevention leveraging cognitive behavioral therapy. These sessions may be for our positive clients, unknown clients and high risk negative clients (such as those in magnetic relationships where one partner is negative and the other is positive).

Depending on the needs of each client some sessions may focus on the following: sexual risk, substance use risk, health and self care, medication ahderence, disclosure and dealing with HIV related stigma.

CLEAR is centered around our clients and “meets them where they’re at” in terms of cultural norms and social mores.

Western Connecticut HIV/AIDS Testing and Support Services