Testing, Outreach and Education


APGD is about so much more than serving those with HIV/AIDS; we are dedicated to educating our community about ways to prevent HIV and other STI infections no matter who you are.  Our testing, outreach and education staff work with everyone from students and resident advisors at WCSU  to those at risk by virtue of substance abuse at great places like MCCA to meet these problems head on.

APGD even has special education staff known as Early Intervention Services for those who newly test HIV positive. These staff members act as peer educators, ensuring that newly positive folks have access to all the informational resources available to take some of the fear out of doctor’s visits and HAART (Highly Active Anti Retroviral Therapy…a long phrase that means any regimen meant to reduce the amount of HIV in the blood to ‘undetectable’ levels!


Western Connecticut HIV/AIDS Testing and Support Services