Starbucks Second Sundays


Imagine all the good you can do for what you spend on a coffee for a few days…difficult?  Let’s put that into perspective: If your morning coffee runs you two dollars and you decide to match your coffee costs with a donation for three days ($6) per month, you’d be able to ensure a low income client without transpiration is able to get to and from their medical appointments and stay healthy.

Still think its small change?
We don’t. 

To drive this point home, APGD will be spending the second Sunday of each month for the next year at participating Starbucks locations in and around our service area educating our community about what we’re doing here at AIDS Project Greater Danbury and asking you how you’re #BeingTheChange!

At Starbucks Second Sundays you’ll have the opportunity to become a sustaining member with a simple swipe of your card; or you can pick up one of our Vineyard Vines #BeingTheChange ties in time for a birthday, graduation or just because the physician in your life could use a new tie!

Look to your left in “Upcoming Events” to find out where Starbucks Second Sundays are happening. See you at Starbucks!

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