The fact is, stable housing leads to better health outcomes and increased adherence to doctors appointment and medical regimens as well as general quality of life and reduced anxiety for those with HIV.AIDS. This in turn leads to less serious illness and lower healthcare costs; in fact, studies show that housing programs for those with HIV that struggle to keep a roof over their heads reduces costs for emergency room visits that strain precious resources.

APGD has been helping house the HIV positive of western Connecticut since our humble beginnings. We now maintain a 5 bed, sober group residence that also houses our four legged house-mom Bonnie who is  a rescue dog who adds to the quality of life for our residents.

Through APGD’s housing subsidy program we also maintain scattered-site subsidized units as needs and funding allow.

Our housing coordinator Melanie is always there for our housing clients, reachable 24/7 by phone to them in the event of any problems. She is a tireless advocate for their rights and is a wealth of housing related information. She helps clients navigate a complex and challenging housing market and ensures landlords aren’t letting stigma stand in the way of putting a roof over a family.



Western Connecticut HIV/AIDS Testing and Support Services