Vineyard Pill Tie

Vineyard Vines Ties

#Beinthechange is trying to progress the way we have conversations about HIV/AIDS. Through our pill character, we’re hoping to incite conversations about HIV/AIDS in all sorts of places we think could use a shake up. Our Vineyard Vines #Beingthechange ties feature our pill character on a yellow background and tell the world that you are taking a stand against HIV/AIDS stigma while helping fund direct services through APGD!

Our ties are the same price as all Vineyard Vines ties, $75.

Come by the office and pick one up, or if you’re a corporation that wants to put in a full order so your employees can help make a huge difference at AGPD and look great doing it (minimum order of 100, in ANY color you choose from Vineyard Vines selections of fine silk) please give us a call or shoot us an email with “Vineyard Vines Tie Order” in the subject line, and we’ll get the ball rolling!

For every order of 100 ties we sell, APGD gets $2,500! This is enough to house a subsidy client for two months! Please recommend our tie program to YOUR employer today, its not only a great corporate gift, but its one that gives back!

Did you know? If a major corporation decided to buy 1,000 ties for its employees; APGD would raise over $41,000!! That kind of money can help us keep our newly purchased building in tip top shape and make it a more welcoming environment! If you work in Corporate Social Responsibility, consider APGD as the source of your next corporate gift.

Western Connecticut HIV/AIDS Testing and Support Services