Hosting a #BeingTheChange Event

We love it when local businesses and individuals show us how they’re #Beingthechange.

Help raise awareness and funds for APGD by hosting a #Beingthechange event!

APGD encourages third party fundraising and promotional events sponsored by outside organizations on our behalf.  A third party event or promotion is one that is created completely by volunteers – an individual, organization or business.  These events and promotions must be consistent with our mission while upholding a positive image for the agency. All third party events must follow #BeingTheChange event guidelines, but don’t worry, we’ll work with you to ensure success!

All third party #BeingTheChange events must be approved by the APGD in advance.  These events are a great way to show your commitment to an AIDS free generation and a stigma free Connecticut. Our gratitude for such dedicated individuals and businesses is profound.  If you have reviewed our policies and want to proceed with  your event – please contact our office or email us at Make sure to put “Third Party BTC Event” in the subject line.

  • We Help with your Fundraising Event by:

    • Providing a letter of authorization to validate the authenticity of the event and its organizer; without this your event is NOT affiliated with APGD!
    • Providing some event planning tools on a limited basis, and limited guidance and advice for event planning.
    • Reviewing promotional materials and, if appropriate, approve the use of our logo and pill character.
      • The name(s) “AIDS Project Greater Danbury”, “#BeingTheChange” or “APGD” may be reproduced on signs, banners, publications, literature, or printed materials only after consultation with APGD and receipt of formal letter of authorization
      • APGD may be identified as the beneficiary of the event, and events should be promoted as such; for example “A #Beingthechange Dinner Party to benefit AIDS Project Greater Danbury”
    • Post the event on the APGD website, Facebook and other calendar listings as appropriate, with your contact information.
    • Provide information regarding current programs and services provided by APGD for distribution at the event or for public relations efforts conducted by the sponsoring organization.
    • Provide our #BeingTheChange red carpet and backdrop setup along with write-in placards for photos (including setup and breakdown.)
    • While not guaranteed, APGD will make every attempt to have representatives at your event.
  • For legal and other reasons, APGD cannot perform the following activities or functions for events it does not sponsor directly:
    • Extend our tax exemption to you.
    • Extend our tax ID number for purchases.
    • Issue receipts for donations not made directly to APGD.
    • Provide insurance coverage or secure permits.
    • Provide mailing lists of donors, employees, service participants or volunteers.
    • Provide APGD letterhead for your use.
    • Provide on-site staff or volunteers to work at your event.
    • Provide banking, funding or reimbursement of expenses.
    • Solicit sponsorship revenue for your fundraising activities.
    • Guarantee attendance of APGD staff at the event.
    • Provide auction services or systems.
  • No party may use either APGD’s logo, pill character, hastags or otherwise indicate to the public that an event is being held for the benefit ofAPGD without written consent (via authorization letter).
  • Please make checks out to AIDS Project Greater Danbury and mail to the AIDS Project Greater Danbury 30 West Street, Danbury, CT  06810.  Cash is also accepted.
  • If your event involves a raffle or other type of gambling activity or if you plan to sell or serve alcohol at your event, you must obtain a license/permit from the state of Connecticut.  You will be solely responsible for obtaining the license/permit.
  • You may want to inquire as to obtaining liability insurance for your event.  Please note that APGD’s insurance policy does not cover Third Party events.
  • Event sponsors will be liable for all event expenses. Our fundraising counsel recommends that no more than 50% of proceeds raised should be spent on event expenses for third party events.
  • The event sponsors or hosts agree to indemnify and hold harmless APGD, #BeingTheChange and its affiliates, from all claims and liabilities, including attorney’s fees that may arise from any acts or omissions of their agents, volunteers, or employees, or from any claim by them or anyone else relating to the quality, performance, or failure to perform during the specified time period of the event.

#BeingTheChange events and promotion ideas:

  • Be Fierce: Fight AIDS! A #BeingTheChange Indoor Cycling Event
  • Wine Tasting
  • Yoga class
  • Jewelry Parties
  • Fashion Show
  • Online fundraising events (Easy as 1-2-3 using our online fundraising partner Crowdrise!)

For more information about hosting a #BeingTheChange event, please give us a call! Thank you for #BeingTheChange in the fight against HIV/AIDS in western Connecticut

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