Prescription for Awareness

Our Prescription for Awareness Campaign is aimed at working in partnership with the local medical community to increase testing and referrals to APGD for HIV related services in clinical and pharmacy settings as well as acting as a conduit for increased dialogue around new medical advancements like PrEP and PeP.

APGD is working with industry leader Gilead to develop our PrEP protocols and for physician education about PrEP.

These bi-lingual prescription pad style flyers are kept at medical offices or pharmacies and offer a discreet way for physicians or pharmacists to empower people with information free of judgement and without potentially awkward conversations.

The reality is that many physicians and/or patients shy away from conversations about HIV/AIDS risk; these pads provide an indirect way to share information that we feel everyone should be given.

If you are a doctor or patient who’d like your doctor to carry our Prescription for Awareness pads, please let us know below!


Western Connecticut HIV/AIDS Testing and Support Services