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Founded in 1987 Dr. Donald T. Evans and members of the community, AIDS Project Greater Danbury was conceived as a unique agency poised to meet the ever-changing needs of a complex and nuanced battle.

It is the mission of APGD to advocate for and provide services to people living with HIV/AIDS as well as their families and loved ones while actively promoting AIDS education, prevention and awareness in western Connecticut and beyond.


APGD services include:

Testing and Outreach  | APGD provides rapid HIV testing, condoms and linkage to other services in the office and through the community by way of our outreach van.  Staff also engage local college students and the LGBTQ community through an active presence at local nightspots.

Medical Case Management | Medical case managers intake all clients and are their central point of contact and referral to other services at APGD and monitor their adherence, review progress, book medical appointments and ensure they do not fall from care.

The Housing Program | We maintain both a 5 bed group residence as well as 11 scattered-site subsidy units.  This program is the focus of this funding request.

Comprehensive Risk Counseling | CRCS services are available to help clients and their loved ones make wiser lifestyle choices and may link them to care by way of outside service providers to address issues such as mental health and behavioral modification.

Syringe Exchange Program | The SEP takes dirty needles off the streets, protecting police as well as clients from potential exposure to HIV and hepatitis, it also acts as a vital link to communities that are notoriously reclusive (drug users, the homeless, immigrants) forming the trust necessary to get them tested, into full-care and ideally to sobriety.


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Western Connecticut HIV/AIDS Testing and Support Services